Web development in 2016

Website development is become very competitive now a days then the past couple of days. It’s nothing but works on many methods like user interface, design, SEO friendly etc.

With upcoming frameworks, powerful development tools, technique and evolving technologies, this year looks very promising all for website. App developers and major companies.


Review some top web development trends for 2016 and get to work with amazing strategy: –

Web Motion User Interface or Motion UIMotion UI is a Sass library which is one of the three parts of Foundation for Apps by Zurb. It is widely used for beautifully and quickly creating animations, images and CSS transitions. With this tool, it is less complicated to make an app’s transitions look smooth and rich with predefined motions. It will surely stay for the next couple of years.

Advanced platforms mean new responsive design- A lots of new technologies coming to the market that means all things going to change soon. Responsive design will no longer be restricted to ‘mobile-first’ or mobile responsiveness only. There are already a plethora of other devices, screens and integrated wearable gadgets like. So, all these technology continues to grow in popularity. Semantic UI is a new design framework which is continued in demand from past few years.


Huge Impact of Internet Things – Internet always change things frequently and is the major reason of change in almost of everything.  According to Technavio, A lot of things will grow eventually by 31.72% (CAGR) between 2015 and 2019. It’s also important to update yourself on internet about everything you care.

Browser based IDEs – When you have your own favorite development environment. Or Maybe you fell in love with VIM years ago or you’re an IntelliJ fanatic. When more and more and more people going to use cloud-based versions of IDEs, probably it will going to change soon.

Full Screen Navigation design for better user experience – Full Screen Navigation design is a great feature for user on for Mobile phone, tab and other devices. Suppose user want to contact the website owner, or fill the details so user will clikc on contact page and form enabled in full screen. User will happily fill out the details. Most of the search engines (Google) take care of users so they want every feature which is great for them.

Foundation for Apps for user – Foundation for Apps is an upcoming single page app framework which is built around AngularJS and the flexbox grid framework. This amazing framework quick, easy and reliable responsive web app creation facilitating developers to quickly start writing code that’s unique to the application.

Real-time everything on App and web – This year will see a rise in new apps which work efficiently in real time data. Real-time analytics is rapidly finding and growing its implementation in desktop and mobile apps. It will also increase with social media marketing world.

Blocking of advertisements on sites – Across the all the internet world, advertisers are losing money due to ads blocking plugins. It’s a really a big concern, not only for advertiser, also for website owners whose earnings are from advertisements. In this year, website owners will do their best to minimize the effect of ad blockers.

Security everywhere – Security is always a priority of all the webmasters to get rid of hacking and other defective terms. Mobile users are increasing day by day so, it will also important to secure all the apps like websites.

User and search engine friendly – Major search engine like Google always prefer user friendly things included, whether in apps or website. Google already penalizing some of website which are non-user friendly. This year, all the webmasters, marketer including search engine (Google) give preference to user friendly sites and apps.

Lot of coming – This isn’t enough, Most of the Web developers are out to make the process of website development easier and simpler. When you focus on new technology, it will automatically become the part of user friendly.

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